Thursday, June 13, 2013

why im writing??

it is because of >>>
  • trend? urmmm..not!
  • wanna be popular? ermm,,maybe not larh
  • it is your hobby? yup!. writing is my soul.  
  • wanna share your thought with someone else? yes! sharing is caring!
in the nutshell, i'm in love with alphabet, with the writing's job! even in my free time, i will wrote something on my notebook or any piece of paper that i have. even a short and sweet sentences!
 my father is my hero! why? because he always courage me to write. he always ask me when i'm gonna to write a novel. dear papa, Insyaallah your sweet little girl will do it. yeah! i will!

so, just write what you want to write, what you have in your mind. just share it and spread it. good luck:)




  1. writing is my hobby *tetibe =)
    sis, jemput sekali join ga.. alang2 da singgah td..hee..

  2. can enhance our writing skill...


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