Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hey you! you are freshie right?? ":

da lama da cikyuyue tak menaip kt blog ni. since i'm so busy lately,especially last few month. final exam sem 2, then Clinical Laboratory Posting for 2month, annual dinner and lastly,busy with juniors for orientation. don't worry, i will go through with all the readers about my activities lately.


alhamdulillah, result sem 2 pun da kuar and thankful to Allah because He give me good result:). alhamdulillah, sebab dapat continue sem 3 and dig out more knowledge. insyaallah.

for two month. fuhhh! lama bebenor kan? but it's quiet interesting. why? because we can learn so many thing, watch many creature that you never see. actually, this posting or practical were done are laboratories in hospital. we must go there and observe the work flow, observe the specimen that are sent to the lab. know how to do the test perform at the lab. As a MLT( Medical Lab Technology), we must perform so many test to help doctor diagnos a disease. specimen that are used are blood, urine, plasma, serum, even body tissue.
next time, i will share with readers about this job's field.:)

alhamdulillah, the programs goes well and we can manage it properly. i also take part in this program as a fasilitator. jadi FC garang taww! hehe. garang2 manja je.huhu. a lot of activity that we done for them. explorace is one activity that they've enjoy a lot. haha! budak2 ni macam budak2 tadika taw. so hyperactive and energetic! we also have a simple Dinner with them! watch videos, ate together and have a Anugerah Bintang Popular MLT! dlm anugerah ni,kitaorg bahagikan beberapa kategori iaitu FC yg paling garang, kejam, annoying, baik, cantik,hensem, sakai pun ada taw.hahaha! nakal je. so, setiap kategori ni ada pemenangnya. time ni dorg kena buat catwalk. peweettt~ *cikyuyue pon tercalon dlm FC paling annoying.huhu* Junior jugak kena bt persembahan utk penutup, so cikyuyue and kwn2 latih dorg tuk buat koir musical dlm masa satu malam je. and we want to say bunch of thank you to Madam Anita coz sudi stay up ngn kitaorg smpai malam semata2 nak latih dorg. akhirnya terbals jugak penat lelah kitaorg and junior sebab they do a great performance, dan aku rasa bangga sgt,alhamdulillah, tgk dorg buat prsembahn yg TERBAIKKK! terharu bila tgk semua penonton tepuk tangan ramai2,gelak2 tgk lakonan dorg:') terima kasih buat semua yg terlibat. even just in one night, we are manage to do the best and great job!

dah,jom tgk gambar! weheeee~


DINNER 140613

kain pelikat lalala~
proud of you junior,thanks bcoz do the great performance!


cari jgn tak cari! yg penting SENYUM:p ttp maintainnnnn
weheee! makeup's photography by FC cikyuyue:)

assalamualaikum! :)

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